Wedding Photography at The Observatory in Herstmonceux

On the morning of a recent East Sussex wedding that I was photographing, the August weather was particularly humid and there were a number of big, dark storm clouds lurking in the sky. However, for an optimistic guy like myself (who has seen my fair share of wedding day rain) I knew I could be creative with this stormy weather, and so I didn’t let the clouds worry me too much.

I set off to photograph Lucy and Simon’s wedding at Lewes Registry Office, before heading on to The Observatory Science Centre in Herstmonceux for a wedding reception with a difference.

First stop was the bride’s house for some pre wedding photos. Lucy had a lovely dress which I captured hanging in their complementary white conservatory.

Next stop was Lewes Registry Office to meet up with and photograph Simon and the lads (although I actually found them in the nearest pub having last minute drinks…).

At this point, the weather was still looking dry and the ceremony went beautifully. On exiting the ceremony I then had some fun arranging all of the formal photographs, including the ‘alternative’ confetti shot, which involved the guests blowing bubbles around everywhere. If you’re at a venue that doesn’t allow confetti, then bubbles are a great choice instead, as the photos show.

Just after this, a heavy rain cloud finally gave in and it suddenly chucked it down whilst we sheltered under a large tree. Eventually, we all made a dash for the wedding cars and made our way over to The Observatory Science Centre in Herstmonceux.

A somewhat soggy journey later I arrived at the Observatory. The rain had stopped and there was steam rising from the ground because it was so warm, and there were lots of puddles around too. So with the wedding car swiftly parked up in a prime spot at the Observatory entrance, I captured a lovely puddle reflection shot of the bride and groom with the steam gently drifting away. These conditions were ideal for some interesting photography opportunities and I couldn’t have asked for more (well, maybe next time I’ll ask for a rainbow as well). ‘Puddle’ photography is always hard for me to resist, so I also captured a few different scenarios and a couple of abstracts too.

Before long it was time to get some refreshments, meet some guests and enjoy the Observatory setting before the wedding meal and speeches commenced. I had the pleasure of staying until very late on this unique wedding day and I continued to capture many other interesting and varied photos throughout the day and evening. The wedding guests were also given access to a telescope so we were also able to do a bit of stargazing into the night sky with the aid of friendly stargazing guide. All in all, it was a very memorable, ‘out-of-this-world’ wedding day.

So if you’re looking for a unique wedding reception venue with a difference in East Sussex, then the The Observatory Science Centre in Herstmonceux should definitely be one to consider.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a relocation to East Devon, we no longer cover weddings at The Observatory in Herstmonceux but please contact us to book Mark Huntley Wedding Photography for your East Devon wedding.